Band Information

Over the past few years, Kruddler has become a mainstay in the local music scene, but the band (in one form or another) has actually been around much longer than that. Frontman Shane Gallivan and drummer Tim Baumgart have known each other since seventh grade. In high school, the two picked up instruments and formed their own duo. Years (and many rehearsals) later, the band (by then a trio) released its first EP, "Think About It Buddy," under the name Kruddler, a moniker taken from an episode of "The Simpsons." A lineup shuffle quickly ensued, bringing in a new bassist, Donny Aces. Aces played on both of Kruddler's subsequent full-length releases, "On the Lamb" (1997) and "The Fall of the House of Kruddler" (1999), but then left the band to pursue his master's degree in landscape architecture. Aces was quickly replaced by former Sadie Foster member Matt Potocnik, and Kruddler continued playing shows in clubs around the Midwest. With an ever-growing fan base and a solid place in the local scene, 2000 started off well for the rock band. However, in the spring, Potocnik announced that he wanted to explore other musical styles. As with the band's other lineup changes, the split was amicable -- Potocnik even agreed to stick it out through the summer so the band wouldn't have to cancel any gigs. A show at the Uptown Bar on Aug. 4 marked the last public appearance of Kruddler as a threesome. Potocnik left the band for good, and Gallivan and Baumgart took a break from the stage, focusing on rebuilding the lineup. With Tony Zaccardi on bass and the addition of a second guitarist, Ben "Hater" Brown (formerly of the Manta Rays), the band worked to regain its momentum, writing new songs and preparing to re-enter the music scene.


  • Shane Gallivan - guitar, vocals
  • Tonyi Zaccard - bass, vocals
  • Tim Baumgart - drums, vocals