In Defence

Band Information

School is now in session; you think you know how to thrash? You are still in preschool my friend. Get ready for some lessons in head banging. The rules are as follows. Don’t be a dick, you must break a sweat, help your fellow dancers and most importantly DO IT IN A CIRCLE. In Defence are not afraid to mix it up, recalling the styling’s of 80’s NYC hardcore, In Defence bring it. There is no tomorrow. Tonight is going to be all out war. These taco punks are here to tear the place down. Catchy thrash is what you’ve got, throw in a break down and keep dancing. Mile a minuet drums, racecar guitar riffs and a vocal presence that will bring you away from the keg in the back corner of the basement. This isn’t your older co- workers hard core, this is still relevant, no car commercials here, just kick you in the teeth hard-core thrash. In Defence is the band you want to listen to, the band you have to see. They are infectious. You are unsure what is going to happen, food fight? Perhaps the biggest pit ever? More stage diving then you can imagine? Actually, does it matter because this is the time of your life. Taco punks unite; pizza has nothing on a taco.