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2017-09-28 14:57:13

New Band Action

Learning Curve Records is proud to announce that our family is getting bigger! Please welcome Minneapolis rockers Tongue Party to the fray. Relentless noise punkers with a knack for destruction and blistering rock action. These dudes are tour machines and all around great guys to get into some nonsense with.

In their words:

The cult of Tongue Party was formed in the fall of 2014, operating under the guise of making music. Since inception, they have been leaving a smoky haze and gummy residue in just about every dirty nook and cranny inside the continental united states. When their vehicles aren't on fire, anyway. Tongue Party is comprised of some of the pathetic, broken paupers the cosmos ever turned its unfortunate glaring eye towards. Bearing the geas of an ancient Road Warrior curse, they have developed a scathing, bong rattling noise and punk that is the perfect soundtrack to the overlooked and forgotten "other America". Minneapolis Trash Heroes.

To celebrate the release of their first full length LP on LCR later this year we are releasing a 7incher. We paired Tongue Party up with one of our favorite UK buds USA Nails, for a split 7in of new material from both bands. Split 7in preorder will be posted soon. Limited color and hand screened covers available.


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