Half Dead and Dynomighty

It has been a second since I updated the site. Stupid pandemic and getting a battery-operated heart. Well, here is a quick note about what the future holds. It holds a lot. Very soon, there will be an Asbestos Worker LP for your enjoyment. It wails. Pure grit. Like that time you squeezed lemon in your eye to do a shot of gin kind of good.
This fall will see the arrival of the Conan Neutron & Secret Friends/The Erratic Retaliator Strategy Vinyl for the LP 'Dangerous Nomenclature". It's a sweet slab of wax. There is a ton of talent on both sides of that LP, so don't miss out.
Also, somewhere around Christmas, we should be getting the represses of both the Bummer "Holy Terror" LP and Tongue Party's "Looking For a Painful Death" LP. So don't waste your money on Discogs or eBay. Waste your money here.
These bands are working on new and exciting things; New Primas, Power Take Off, Hands Up Who Wants To Die, The Tunnel, Something is Waiting, and others. So buckle up.
Don't forget CATERWAUL

2022-08-03 18:20:09

Reptoid and Blacklisters

Both LPs dropped last Friday. If you didn't know, you better get on it. Both albums seriously spank. Reptoid vinyl shipping now. Blacklisters shipping asap.

2020-08-31 21:31:25

New Vincas is out now!! Tour someday.

The new Vincas LP "Phantasma" is out now. It is a sweet journey into the dark side. A powerhouse of southern rock with a mistress of goth. Limited edition color vinyl almost sold out!! Here is a stream and nice words about the LP. CVLT NATION.

2020-06-03 16:01:49