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2015-07-26 20:35:20

All is quiet, for now...

This summer looks to be on the quiet side here at LCR. All bands active on the roster are currently writing or taking a hiatus.

Gay Witch Abortion is playing with Haze XXL at Bash 15 in Minneapolis on July 11th. They are releasing a limited edition 10" on Amrep at the event. GWA plans on recording more material this summer and ewll be releasing an album this fall on LCR.

TGLH will be touring this fall. Dates TBA, looks like Texas to MN and back to Texas. It will be awesome. More info in the coming weeks.

We will be making some announcements about fall releases very soon, please check back and keep up the good work.

2015-06-03 11:54:33

Happy New Year!!

After some much needed time off, we are back at the grind of punishing your ears.
So far 2015 is looking quiet, at least until the summer. Gay Witch Abortion is currently working on new songs for their 3rd official release. In fact, almost all LCR artists are currently in the process of working on new material.
If you missed out on the Vaz Pink Confetti release, don't sweat it, we still have copies available in our webstore. Look for some extensive tours from Anima Lover, Disasteartti, TGLH, Hammerhead and Hex Machine!!
Feb will see the release of Volume 2 of the Butcher's Waltz. This version of the 4 way split features amazing tracks from Blackthrone, Blacklisters, Hey Colossus and STNNNG!! It is a pressing of 300, with 3 vinyl versions. See the store page for me details. Be sure to check out the sick art from Hector Mansilla Gonzalez!!

2015-01-21 12:29:00