The Fuck Yeahs

Band Information

Do you have a hard time paying attention to anything?? Is riddlin the answer for you? Do you drink a case of beer before you go to a show? Have you ever shit yourself? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the Fuck Yeahs are the medicine for you. The Fuck Yeahs blast old school style hardcore that is like ants in your pants. The kind of punk that is fun and off the hook. Short songs about parties, over the counter drugs and space creatures. Grab a six pack, the bong and lets party. Blah Blah... This is Carlin from the Fuck Yeahs.. Rainer asked me to give some info for the bio on his site. Here you go... We're a Minneapolis 4 piece punk/pop band. We've been playing together as the Fuck Yeahs for about 2 years and about a year prior under different names. We are.... Jeremy Liebig- guitar and vocals, Carlin Mitchell bass/vocals, Takashi Obu.. Guitar/vocals, and Shawn Walker.. drums/vocals. Shawn lives in Iowa and drives up for practice and for shows. He's the fucking best. Rainer put out our 7" on his label in March of 2004 and it was recorded by Eric Pearson (sp?) about a year ago here in northeast mpls. Takashit also plays in Sweet Jap and Whiskey Screaming Drink Me, Drink Me. Shawn has played in the Style Monkeys (sp?) and Ouija Radio. Buy our fucking record, it sucks.


  • Jeremy Liebig - guitar, vocals
  • Carlin Mitchell - bass, vocals
  • Shawn Walker - drums, vocals
  • Takashi Obu - guitar, vocals