The Blind Shake

Band Information

The sweat trickles down the small of your back, you lose your coat but you can’t cool down. Can you believe this band is real? The Blind Shake are going apeshit on stage, hammering out each song with perfect precision. Their second full-length album, Carmel, is a double-barrel cannon of a record. Riding the wave of their first release on Learning Curve Records, Rizzograph, and a recent collaboration with psych hero Michael Yonkers; the boys hit their basement studio to crank out this coffee and pick-up football fueled, more mature, sounding record. Recording Carmel in their homemade studio, the boys cultivated a sound that captures their live aggression and heart, minus the smoke and mirrors found in a professional studio recording. Each track attacks your sonic sensory. Head bobbing percussion, straight line wind guitars and cadence vocals move the listener into a frenzied motorized caustic party fuck fest. Carmel is the DIY post punk, anti-noise-anthem free-for-all call-to-arms. Carmel could be the best record to come out of the vibrant Twin Cities underground since Lifter Puller’s “Entertainment and Arts”. Hold on to your roos because you will be tossed in a fit of espresso charged factory work pile up. The band of brothers, the Blind Shake, are gonna make you sweat.


  • Jim B.
  • Mike B.
  • Dave R.