The Deaf

Band Information

The Deaf are a three piece throbbing with brutal hook laden bursts of grind rock that make you groove and thrash all at the same time. A hodge podge of musical experiments are born again in "This Bunny Bites". The Deaf get what they want and hammer it into their homemade stew, smattered with overweight rock. They draw on disorientation and emulsify it with educated fury. These grad students have completed their first angst ridden thesis, expounding on fuck. Packed into a blistering record of tight leather and bloody chords, the three piece pounds out original ballads of pulsing thrash metal sludge that brings a refreshing stomp on your ears. The Deaf purees a philosophy guru, a mistress of law and a Russian scientist into 14 blistered fairytales of grudgecore. With each track comes a razor blade kiss that skips all foreplay and goes straight to the money shot. David, Jack and Stef crank out a sound you can only identify as a jet plane take-off. Earsplitting, sonic, burnt and unstoppable. The Deaf will wreck you.


  • David Safar - Guitar and Vocals
  • Stephanie Budge - Bass and Vocals
  • Jack Kalyuzbnuy - Drums and Vocals