Band Information

Together forever, Adam and Cody have been tinkering, toying with, and manipulating the elements of music for well over ten years. They refer to their musical chemistry set as the Seawhores. Cutting their teeth by touring the basement scene and backwoods bars with such bands as Melvins, Lightning Bolt, Vaz, Wolf Eyes, Pink and Brown, and Phantoms; they have crushed eardrums around the world. In and out, a dramatic collaboration of drumming corps - Dale Crover (Melvins) and Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt and Sightings) have filtered through the band. The Seawhores walk a thin line of art damage punk noise and often construct their own instruments, speakers, and amps making them one of the most DIY and magical duos to ever come out of the Twin Cities. After releasing several self-made EP's and their first record "Forest" on Essay Records, the Seawhores have unleashed their most triumphant epic to date. Opus Magnanimous is the product of some of Minneapolis' most talented musicians: Freddy Votel (ex-Cows and TVBC) on drums and Brady Lenzen on guitar round out this dominant movement. Opus Magnanimous is a musical achievement unparalleled by any underground brethren a composition that took a decade to develop and two years to record. The Opus will take you on a journey into your soul, unleashing your demons and barbaric instincts. This record - a soundtrack to your twisted will. Your stereo speakers will bleed and weep from the brutal beauty of this amazing work.


  • Adam Marx
  • Cody Wegel
  • Brady Lenzen
  • Freddy Votel