The Holy Ghostriders

Band Information

In case you don’t know, punk is not dead. Listening to the mall pop shit you hear on the radio or TV isn’t punk, not even close. I am pretty sure that is pop, or poop if you will. The Holy Ghostriders make genuine rock that will make the godfathers of punk proud; music with feeling and emotion. You can almost hear the blood coming out of their amps. Those aren’t vocals you hear, it is sweat, amplified through a mic. Those aren’t drums, that is the sound of hard work and slaving away in your personal jail- time spent in captivity all so you can go out and get fucked up to forget. Forget the shitty life you lead. Punk like the Holy Ghostriders pure. Heart felt and tough as nails, something with some balls Fast Track Heart Attack is the blazing debut album from Minneapolis’s Holy Ghostriders. It is action packed alcohol-fueled slab of punk rock. Sing along anthems and fist pumping jams will keep this record in your rotation for quite some time, or until you pass out. The band comes for the ashes of two of the Twin Cities best hard-core acts, Holding On and Martyr A.D. The passion and fury from the boy’s previous ventures is very apparent on Fast Track Heart Attack. This time around, it is more of a party, adding a pop flair to their hard-core roots. Combining speed with hot guitar licks, and sing along opportunities, the Ghostriders keep the sweat pouring throughout the twelve cuts on Fast Track Heart Attack.