Gay Witch Abortion

Band Information

Brutally vengeful art formed in the bowls of the Twin Cities. Gay Witch Abortion’s debut album “MAVERICK” jams itself into that sort of a classification. Like a unicorn spearing it’s prey, having so little patience it completely shreads the kittens into tiny morsels of sweet bloody pulp candies. The taste of blood has ruined many a creature, there is a simplistic aura surrounding the violence, drawing you in, just close enough to feel the power, but still leaving an unconquered taste in your soul. So you go back and try it again and again. Getting your senses tugged and thwarted back and forth by the punishing beauty of the hunt.

This duo of Shawn Walker and Jesse Bottemly combine together to puree a gigantic rhythemic stew of guitar and drums. If you close your eyes, you might find yourself imagining your childhood, putting you fingers in to the ceiling fan, it hurts, but it brings a sense of power and risk. Doing the wrong thing, instead of the right thing. Perhaps drawing blood, breaking something. Getting in trouble. This is your sound track. Punishing and aggressive, a tornado’s ballad. Lighting and thunder rain down from the speakers without regard for shelter or comfort. Real power, natural power, the sounds of Gay Witch Abortion.