Band Information

Hawks have been practicing the art of carelessness and reckless abandon, taking what they have learned and shoving it into your face. Their efforts in mangled detached noise, have come to a full head on Push Over, the band’s debut release on Learning Curve Records. The Atlanta quartet has been mashing out menacing boot stomps since 2007, building a rich and devoted following by continuing to release new challenging material and putting on twisted and downright menacing live performances. Dark raconteur, weaving tales of masochistic need, failed hopes, and frustrations into each epic fable. The twisted nature of Hawks hymns will have you rethinking the line of what makes good and evil. Blurring it with a haze of sonic obliteration, guitars that sound like rusted wires stretched over the frets, rhythms that pull you into a trance moving like a fire moves thru a burning building. All topped with primal narrative blending into bedlam and entropy. Bellicose and indomitable is what the Hawks portray on Push Over. It is the soundtrack of a ominous sinister sideshow of life.