Band Information

Leeds noise merchants Blacklisters are teaming up with Learning Curve Records to release their debut LP BLKLSTRS in the USA. After great success in the UK, Learning Curve had to spread the word of this noise rock masterpiece. Prepare yourself America; we are about to release these cantankerous melodies on the states without regard for human life.

BLKLSRTS is a fist full of spazzed out vitriol fueled noise thump. Billy Mason-Wood’s skewed and often-terrifying vocals with Dante Beesley’s jagged, distinctive guitar command your undivided consideration. Whilst underneath, Owen Griffiths’ marauding bass lines and Alistair Stobbart’s unabated drumming drive the songs with genuine menace. Blacklister’s first blood thirsty and uncompromising full length pulls no punches. Formed in 2008, Blacklisters quickly earned a reputation as a formidable live act through aggressive, confrontational performances riddled with gallows levity. In 2009, the Swords 7” was released to critical acclaim, while 2010 saw the release of the Belt Party EP. BLKLSTRS originally released in 2012 on Brew Records UK, this release showcases song writing and playing only hinted at on the band’s previous releases, and it announces the band‘s potential as a major force in underground rock music. Drawing comparisons to Jesus Lizard and other lascivious adjectives; the Blacklsiters have been carving out quite a niche for themselves with their productivity. Blacklisters are creating violently epic songs that franticly leap out of your stereo,