Henry Blacker

Band Information

Henry Blacker, Somerset, UK. November 2013, words from: 15 months of toil in a barn, only once told to shut up, decent locals, no Facebook updates – “Rehearsal tonight! YEAH!” – no word to anyone, toiling in peace. What else is there to do in the West Country? (plenty, as it goes, take it easy, for example) A rock band, three piece, two from the group ‘Hey Colossus’ and a brother on the drums, these are the times we thought, let’s: WHOOP AND A HOLLER. Wrote acres of songs, chose 10 to record at Dropout Studio, Camberwell, South London, with Mr.Westminster Brown (Part Chimp man) at the controls, a character from Torche watched on. (FAO Sub Pop fans: ‘Recorded 3rd+4th August, 2013 for £450’.) Picked 8 to be on this here album. Went out for a joyous Chinese in Camberwell, had a beer at a new bar in Peckham, drove home. Played first gig in a Crypt in Bristol, September. This album, the band’s debut, is on Riot Season (Euro) and Learning Curve (U.S), vinyl and download. Out Jan 20th 2014. Straight rockin’