Animal Lover

Band Information

Addison, Evan and Nate are three guys that grew up in a Cohen brothers’ movie. Drawing their influence from the surrounding plains and bitter sting of the never-ending Fargo winter, these fine young gentlemen step on stage and become Animal Lover. Formed in 2010, the guys earned their chops playing in Host and Gumby, drawing heavy influence from Midwestern luminaires like Hammerhead and Jesus Lizard. The band has the yeomen work ethic; D.I.Y touring, self releasing their debut 7", they will rock your art space, basement, bar, patio and everything in-between. Animal Lover just wants to play. 'Guilt' is Animal Lover’s second LP and first with Learning Curve Records. This six song album is a tight fist of fury, using background noise - faucets dripping, hand claps, guitars scratching on cymbals to create gloomy post-punk. Drawing further influence from the ,likes of The Velvet Underground, Cows, Wipers, the Beatles, The Ex, and Wire, it has a vibrant, no-wave musical feel. Industrial waste. Future Shock. Jazz. Animal Lover pummels anything in their path of audio destruction.