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I have always conceived my place in the world (as a human), as being at the bottom of the spiritual/mental totem pole. That one celled amoeba has attained nirvana 1000 times over. It does what it needs to to survive over and over, generation after generation. No children to be let down by, no concepts about fucking crystals or yoga simulacrum. There is no craft coffee in the world of the amoeba. No robot brooms or selfie sticks. Point being that Vincas harken back to the beginning of time. Poised over a cauldron of primordial noise. See Chris’s bass throb as he plays it with one hand. He only needs that one open chord: bass string apexing in zen. The pulse that bore this infested world. Scotties cosmic slop, a satellite to that pulse. Joe pulling the strings to keep that illusory gravity. We know its an illusion and that somewhere across the universe some parallel monster of ourselves is inversing every move we make. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Vincas many times over the years. We’ve both created a sound camouflage that enables us to play to a greater spectrum than many of our peers and shared the stage with numerous modern vegemite huffing bogans (Aussie redneck) over the years. I find it interesting that the American South is such a prominent topic in a lot of classic 80’s-90’s era Australian music. If you have ever read “And The Ass Saw The Angel” by Nick Cave, Vincas are the soundtrack in my mind. Hall of mirrors. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Blind Willie Johnson, Venom P Stinger, Vincas. They were nestled in some cryowomb while Australians (on the other end of the universe) like The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon, The Bad Seeds were connected by plasma rope to the cryochildren Vincas. A cosmic tug of war occurred thru non-time and though you may not believe me, Vincas were responsible for reaching into the past and jolting these timeless travelers into afuture to catch up with them. No future…well yeah, but no past either. “Deep In A Well” is that cryowomb that we pulled them out of. “All I need is a shovel and a hole to get in.” Its ok Chris you will just fall through to Australia, it won’t be so bad. Beer is expensive down there apparently, but I think you’ll be entertained.