Nearly Dead

Band Information

Victoria's a small town, one desperately trying to hold onto a rapidly decaying facade of old English banality amidst a backdrop of cracked out street crazies and teenage fentanyl overdoses. You live here because you are either newlywed or a member of Nearly Dead.

This five piece of dropouts from the school of gallows humor have been flying their tattered garage punk banner since 2012. Garage as in filthy and greasy, punk as in the only future is no future. Thematically pitch black, but don't judge too harshly - Nearly Dead has been around the block a few times.

Up front, the frothing Quebecois madman seems not at all rattled by the chaotic blasts of the female trumpet player. Underneath this racket, the unsteady hands of the rhythm section do their best to prop up a fuzzed out guitarist barely keeping his head above the sputtering, fruggish churn. This is a reckless band that gets their pleasure taking soiled, demented riffs and beating them to death.

Weathered, proud and well past the firm side of ripe. Enjoy while you can.