Super Thief

Band Information

exas-based universe-hole rippers SUPER THIEF are breaking from their tradition of DIY self-releases to spread their driving hook-laden noise fury like a virus with Minneapolis brethren Learning Curve Records. Five tracks. Four band members. At least three chords. Two words: take shelter. SUPER THIEF’s 2017 campaign saw the four-piece graduate from endemic scene anonymity to headlining crowded shows, playing PRFBBQLOU noise rock fest and even making a brief appearance on a Matador Records Spotify playlist, clearly the result of colluding with the Russians. Building off the urgency of 2017’s full-length STUCK, Learning Curve debut eating alone in my car simmers and erupts over a 20-minute period that would be geologic if it didn't already rock so hard. Coherent, focused, and somehow melodic and groovy amid the ordered chaos, the title track is the band's finest effort to date. A noisy entrance builds, released mercifully into silence. The bass hooks suggest the entrance of the antihero into their car, weary but ready to fight their way out of rush hour traffic, rage against tribal wars, politicians, complacency, chauvinists, and people who won't pick up their dog's shit. The sonic and vocal outbursts are convictions exalted from a disappearing ledge, a message equal parts proletariat exhaustion and redemptive catharsis. - Paul Stinson